The 7 Myths of Trail Running with Jimmy Dean Freeman

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Trail Runner Nation’s Southern California corespondent, Jimmy Dean Freeman, joins the Nation to discuss new year’s resolutions and goal setting.

Stuff we referenced:

Here are SOME steps we came up with to achieving your running goals:

  1. Set the goal – don’t worry about the myths that hold you back or what other people say
  2. Identify the obstacles that might get in your way – plan how you will overcome them
  3. Break the goal into smaller, more realistic goals
  4. Do something everyday that get you closer to that goal
  5. Adapt the plan as necessary
  6. Celebrate along the way

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  • Great podcast, but I was hoping for news about Jimmy’s wife!!! She’s been in my prayers. Listening to the two of you talk and joke about running, racing, and life is so great; I was alarmed and dismayed to hear about her injury!

  • Yeah, a bit of an oversight on my part, Susan. Then again, it was a relief that Kate is doing so well right now (in her recovery) that I could take a break from talking about it, as it is about 80% of what we have talked to people about over the last 2+ months.

    She has visited our Thursday morning Coyote trail run the last two weeks to crutch around the trails and see some beautiful sunrise views. Still a long PT and recovery process ahead, but she’s got a great attitude about it all.

    • Very glad to hear it, Jimmy. Thanks for letting me know. ANY injury is a tough thing to handle, but this one sounded rough. Sending good vibes her way, praying for full recovery and no loss of spirit! Keep crutching forward, until you can run forward, Kate!

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