When should you consider insoles?

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John Hinds is the founder and owner of Cadence® Insoles. He has been involved in athletics since he was a kid and in search of the perfect insole ever since. For the last 22 + years he has been a physical therapist focusing on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, helping people get back on their feet as quickly as possible. John joins The Nation to answer some of these questions:

  • Who should use insoles?  Who shouldn’t?
  • Who should go the the podiatrist?
  • Does my foot weaken and become dependent?
  • When can you use an over-the-counter insole?
  • Do they wear out?
  • Do I need to spend my whole paycheck to get good insoles?
  • How do insoles differ?
  • How are Cadence® Insoles different?

John Hinds


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