Stephen Jones: May you Run Más

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The Trail Running Tribe is a unique community.  We are tied together by our shared experiences and the relationships formed from adversity and achievement.

Stephen was a member of the trail-running group Wasatch Mountain Wranglers. An experienced ultra runner, completing distances from 50 to  200 Miles.

He was also an experienced skier.  On Sunday January 31st  in Park City Utah,  Stephen went skiing and was caught in an avalanche.  He was located on Tuesday morning.

We pay tribute to Stephen in this special podcast episode.  We encourage the Trail Running Community to meet up at the Trail Head Go Fund Me.   He is survived by a wife and two small children.

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  • Thank you for your beautiful tribute to my brother Steve. I can’t adequately express what it has meant to our family to feel the outpouring of support from a community he loved so much.

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