“Where the Road Ends” with Bryon Powell

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Scott & Don has been entertaining and educating trail and ultrarunners for 11 years.  Founder, Bryon Powell, joins The Nation to discuss his latest book, co-authored by Meghan Hicks, “Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running”  Meghan and Bryon rely on their decades of trail experience to help the beginner and the veteran trail runner excel and enjoy the trail more.

bryon2 Meghan and Bryon working hard at Western States 100

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warrenWarren Pole reporting on his 3.3 Lessons Learned from the 33 Shake American Tour.

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  • Great episode. I started reading iRunFar back in 2009 when I was searching for an ultramarathon coach, and Bryon had just written a nice article on it and listed a few, one of whom I use to this day. Bryon and Meghan have really been a focal point, no, more like created a gathering point for people to discuss, learn, and revel in the joys of this awesome sport. Keep it up!

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