TRN Audio Magazine – Volume 3

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Scott & Don

Sally McRae and Warren Pole join the nation to review the newest volume of the TRN Audio Magazine.  Here is a list of the articles we discuss:

  • Tipping Point
  • Blinded by the Light
  • I may be Having a Heart Attack
  • Goal!!!!
  • This Season’s Must Have Color is Orange
  • Motivation: What is Your Goto Mantra?
  • Brake or Break?
  • Is that English?
  • In the Long Shadow of Mont Blanc
  • Now

Jacko Willink “Good” video

33 Shake weekly winners:

Getting high in boise foothills
Running the sights in DC
Todd Chandler
Snowy trails
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  • As always a really fun, enjoyable listen. I’ve not come across Jocko Wilink before – the Good video is so inspiring – thanks for sharing and for all you do.

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