Metabolic Flexibility with Christopher Kelly

April 28, 2017

Christopher Kelly, a professional endurance mountain biker, joins The Nation to explain how his dependance on sugar and carbohydrates began causing him some health issues including pre-diabetic blood sugar levels.  After listening to his busy physicians he took control of his health and began learning everything he could.  He then began a diet reset that evolved into a high fat and lower carbohydrate lifestyle.  He compares his experience with our co=host, Zach Bitter and the benefits they have seen.

You can find Christopher Kelly on his podcast, “Nourish, Balance, Thrive” or you can get more information on his coaching and testing services at

Zach Bitter and his coaching services can be found HERE 

3 Responses

  1. BEPearceLaw says:

    Who was wearing their Suunto during the recording? I kept looking at my wrist while listening to the podcast.

    • Scott Warr says:

      I’m not sure. Both Don and I have Garmin Fenix 5x. We didn’t have Christopher on video. It might have been Zach?

  2. Steve Hailstone says:

    Just listening to this now. Kelly is describing me. I had no idea until a heart attack almost took my life last year that I was pre-diabetic. I will try to connect with him on his website. Thanks, guys, as always for having such helpful guests!

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