Cameron Hanes Aims for 240 Miles

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Outdoorsman, best-selling author, adventurer and runner, Cameron Hanes joins The Nation to talk about his passions: bow hunting big game around the world and endurance running.  He completed the Bigfoot 200 in 2016 and is a couple weeks away from the start of the inaugural Moab 240 mile endurance run.  He has a unique complimentary sport of bowhunting.  We ask him to compare the two sports and what he has learned from participating at a high level.

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  • This is one of my favorite TRN podcasts. Meltzer and Robins were good, but I really identify with Cameron. Thanks! By the way I think Fat Dog 120 is a bridge between the average 100 and Candice’s 200s — spoken by someone that has not yet (but hopes) to do a 200.

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