EP 466: How Does Your Brain Work? with Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson

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We often hear that, “ultra running is 90% mental and the rest is in your head”…..or something like that.

Returning favorite guest, Dr. Simon Marshall and 3-time Xterra world champion, Lesley Paterson join The Nation to help us understand how the brain works and strategies to help us perform at a higher level.

Visit their website: to learn more or to schedule 1/2 hour mental coaching sessions.

Check out their new Xterra Podcast

They co-authored the book, “Brave Athlete – Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion”

Try out their FREE “Smog Report”personalized advice to optimize your training

Fun video introduction of the book.

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Here is the link to our previous podcast with Simon and Lesley

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Episode 466