EP 507: Two Fun Adventures – with Mike Foote & Rob Krar and with Cory Reese

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With few races being held it takes creativity to create your own challenge. In this episode we talk to a few runners that did just that.

Mike Foote and Rob Krar set an amazing FKT on a Grand Canyon R2R2R crossing in the frigid temps of December 31, which included a naked swim across the Colorado River TWICE! You can see their video HERE. You can find out more about Rob’s camp and coaching HERE. You can check out Mike’s mountain races at The Rut or at The Runner’s Edge.

But you don’t have to be so elaborate in your planning to have an adventure. Cory Reese shows us that it just takes a simple idea. His challenge was a 23-mile route connecting all eight Mavericks (convenience store) around his town with the added challenge of eating something unhealthy at each! You can find Cory each month in Ultrarunning Magazine as a columnist and check out his book, Nowhere Near First:Ultramarathon Adventures From The Back of the Pack

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Episode 507