EP 529: Mimmi Kotka Takes on RED-S and Wins

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Mimmi Kotka is a world class runner that lives part-time in the Chamonix Valley with her husband Toni and dog Enzo, giving tours of the mountains at Run the Alps.  Mimmi has won or been on the podium at a number of major trail races around the world. That list includes first place at the 101 km CCC and 121 km TDS races in Chamonix, France. She is a member of the Swedish National Ultrarunning Team.

Mimmi isn’t just a trail runner, either. She also has an advanced degree in Nutrition, and is a partner in Moonvalley. She has a fun sense of humor, and always has interesting insights to share on trail running.

Mimmi joins Anna and Stephanie to talk about her passions, her unconventional lifestyle and her struggle and triumph over RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)

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  • Great discussion. Amazing athletic accomplishments, though these women really push themselves to exhaustion and an unheatlhy depleted state.
    I wonder if they have ever taken the time to listen to your podcasts with Dr. Phil Maffetone. That may serve them well.

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Episode 529