EP 535: TRN Pulls Back the Curtain: A Discussion about the WHY That Drives Us

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Scott & Don

Trail Runner Nation began in November of 2011 with a singular purpose or WHY: To share knowledge with our Nation of runners that will help them become better runners, run longer. In this candid conversation, Don and Scott talk about how this WHY was formed and how it has guided the podcast: from choosing guests and topics.

We credit this clarity to a book by Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”. We highly recommend it to everyone that might be looking at life or projects that are a little blurry. As an appetizer, please watch Simon in his 18-minute Ted Talk from 2010.

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  • Hi TRN
    I’m right now coming back from a run, in the local trails, while listening your “whys”. I’m glad to share many of them and enjoyed many of your guests and co-hosts (beware of those two girls! XD ).
    One point I can relate to is one aspect Don said about the many miles he put this year without sign in to any race. I’m about the same situation and this year made me realize how much I love RUNNING, not racing. That’s for life (I hope).
    Many thanks for your work, I feel part of the “nation”.

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Episode 535