EP 660: BONUS MILES- From Metabolic Profiling to Peak Health

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In this bonus episode, we are talking about metabolism.  We have learned a lot of great information, strategies, and tactics while we have been partnered with MetPro, an innovative program offering personalized health and fitness strategies and coaching. The episode features insights from Mike, who shares his successful journey with MetPro in achieving weight loss and enhanced training. Amber Velasquez, a MetPro coach, and Angelo Poli, the founder, both emphasize the program’s unique approach to nutrition and fitness. They discuss how MetPro uses metabolic profiling to tailor meal plans and exercise routines to individual needs, focusing on understanding metabolic thresholds and adaptation. The conversation underscores the significance of adopting sustainable lifestyle changes, trusting the process, and the impact of MetPro beyond just weight loss, including improved overall health, energy levels, and body composition. The episode concludes with an invitation for a free metabolic consultation with a MetPro expert, highlighting its benefits for both general fitness enthusiasts and performance-focused athletes, especially those in endurance sports. To take advantage of this metabolic assessment, click HERE

If you would like, Coach Amber can answer any questions directly:
Amber Velasquez, MHS, RD, LD, CPT

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Episode 660