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Whitney Powell Plays Drop Bag

Runner, Model, film maker, adventure seeker, Whitney Powell joins The Nation for a rookie stab at our favorite podcast: Drop Bag. As you will see, she quickly passed us and lead the pack to a strong finish.  Don also brings a new spin to the podcast...

ian torrence

Ian Torrence opens the Grab Bag!

Torrence has been a busy guy this summer participating in 9 races thus far – and winning 3 of them!  He joins us to talk about his recent race, Stagecoach 100, that he directed and had to cancel due to weather threats.  Ian then opens the TRN...

warren pole

Warren Pole – Chaffage, Hobos and Underwear

Pole returns to TRN for a spirited round of Grab Bag.  There are only 2 rules in TRN Grab Bag: 1.  Come with two topics. 2. Be prepared to comment on every topic.  Some topics that came out of the grab bag: Are ultrarunners becoming hobos? underwear...


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