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EP 653: Surgeon by Day, Runner by Night

Are you navigating the intricate trails of ultra running, seeking to debunk common myths and embrace effective strategies? Join us as we delve into the world of trail and ultra running with Stefanie Flippin.  Stefanie is a coach, freelance...

EP 651: Train Smarter Not Harder

This episode focuses on the intersection of coaching, athlete training, and the utilization of cutting-edge technology to enhance performance. What is the role of the plethora of tech devices and data analytics we now have? We are joined by two...

EP 649: Sleep is a Weapon

In this episode, we are rejoined by Dr. Matt Laye—an endurance athlete with a PhD in medical physiology and an assistant professor of physiology at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. As we explore the critical role of sleep in...


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