EP 675: Balancing Act – Running and Living

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In today’s episode of the Trail Runner Nation podcast, we are thrilled to host elite Canadian trail runners Adam Campbell and Emma Cook-Clarke. They will share insights into balancing demanding athletic careers with personal and professional responsibilities. Adam, a lawyer turned professional runner with Arc’teryx, has an impressive history, including surviving a lightning strike during the 2014 Hardrock 100. Emma, a former competitive soccer and rugby player who transitioned to running and skiing for the University of Calgary, embraces a life filled with outdoor adventures. Together, they will explore how athletes can integrate their training and competitive aspirations with their daily lives, potentially enhancing each aspect rather than seeing them conflict. Join us as we delve into these dynamic experiences and learn from the unique perspectives of our seasoned guests.

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  • Thanks, was a good episode! Was hoping there’d be some advice about balancing with being a parent too… that’s a whole episode in itself if you have one?

    • From personal experience, Don and I found that we needed to get up very early (4:30 am) to get in our runs so that it wouldn’t interfere with family time. We have another good friend that decided to put training and racing on hold until his kids were out of the house when he could devote time to training and racking.

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Episode 675