EP 671: Balancing Stamina and Durability

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Coach Ian Sharman joins us on The Nation to unravel the nuances between durability and stamina in the realm of endurance running. With stamina framed as the ability to resist fatigue and durability as resilience against fatigue’s cumulative toll, the discussion delves into the critical roles of pacing and mental strength. The conversation also touches on how specific training enhances durability and why a strategy of starting slow can be key to energy conservation. Ian sheds light on the tactical merits of power hiking on inclines and the vital skill of adaptive decision-making mid-race. Further, he shares insights into managing effort and overcoming frustration, the advantages of blending running with hiking on ascents, and the pitfalls of an overly brisk start. The dialogue emphasizes experience’s role in refining both stamina and durability, alongside the significance of redefining success through personal growth. Ian also reflects on the ongoing potential for improvement in seasoned athletes, the importance of mindfulness and self-paced racing, and how coaching can fast-track development and learning.

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Episode 671