Podcast numero uno. Get to know The Nation!

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Scott & Don

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. Check out our first podcast which explains just what is The Nation, how to get involved and what to expect from future episodes and around the website. Please comment below or in the community with any feedback!

Please check us out on iTunes. Give us nice ratings and comments, thanks!

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  • tim, i’d like to get the podcasts on my zune (sorry, i’m one of those rare folks not using iTunes). what is the URL of the podcast? james

  • Your what ?? Did he say Zune?????? James you can order the podcast on 8 track if you send a small container for shipping 🙂

    p.s. James is a great trail friend. All in good sport :0

  • Absolutely awesome!!! My best ultra running resource, other than my local running club, of course, has been you all! Sunny Blende just saves the race over and over!!
    Thanks for your podcasts! Trail running ROCKS!!

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