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[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] Performance enhancing drugs in UltraRunning? Well not exactly…but Karl King has come close with S!Caps. Karl’s contribution to the trail is legendary: Sodium 341 mg + Potassium 21 mg add heat + elevation, let simmer for a couple hours and you are ready to serve up a great day on the trail. In this podcast Karl shares with us how he developed S!Caps and ways we can use them to improve our trail experience. Thanks Karl King!

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  • Don’t forget to read Karl’s article on electrolyte and hydration linked in our Aid Station! There is a wonderful chart there that shows all combinations of hydration and electrolyte balance issues.

  • This was a great podcast. I had my doubts when I saw that the topic of the show was salt but it turned into one of the most informative running shows I’ve listened to in ages. Looking back, I now see that I could have really used some S! Caps on a few occasions. Thanks for this one, folks.

  • S!Caps really saved me at Across the Years a few days ago (I did my first 24 hr; second ultra ever). Nothing like taking a two pills, a bit of ginger ale, cranberry juice, and water [and a gummy worm, ahha] to make everything feel great again! Love the podcasts! Thanks TRN!

  • I listened to this on the way in and have a question. Karl says it is a bad idea to over hydrate before a race because your electrolytes will be diluted. But as you run and perspire more than usual, won’t your electrolytes come back into balance as the water in your body leaves?

    • Jason, the problem is that by hydrating in the 24 hours before a race you urinate out a lot of electrolytes. Then when you lose salt via sweating, you lose more. If you hydrate to a reasonable level, you will get hyponatremia – too little sodium for the amount of water in the body. This often results in a bad stomach and/or cramps. It stops a lot of people late in a race. There is no benefit to over hydration before a race. The body just can’t store much water beyond a proper level of hydration. So, drinking a lot before a race carries significant risk for very little or no benefit. Of course you shouldn’t start a race under hydrated. Just drink normally. It is ok to drink some fluid 10 minutes before the run starts.
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