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Ever thought you might be able to run with the worlds fastest ultra-runners in a 100 mile foot race? Well try running it with a camera strapped to your back and looking through the lens. Filmmaker and ultra-runner J.B. Benna takes us behind the scenes of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, home of the Western States 100 and the epic race of 2010 that stretched from Squaw Valley to Auburn California.

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  • I bought this DVD for myself for Christmas – just finished watching it! Unbelievable! Inspiring! Absolutely loved it! Thank you for sharing the story!

  • To sweep WS100 would be AWESOME!!!!
    I actually got my non-running husband, who thinks I’m mental for running ultras, to watch Unbreakable. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t walk away.
    He did challenge me to finish up my 2011 mileage goal instead of let it go (I was recovering from an injury the first 2 weeks of Dec).
    What amazing talent of Mr. Benna to run with these guys with a camera.

    I got a lot out of it because we saw Geoff Roes not having a good race, many minutes behind the leaders. He was having it rough, he could have decided it wasn’t his day. It all turned around for him.
    I’m going to make an audio of my thoughts on how a race can go from hell to awesome and have it on my ipod for those hard times. Something kind of like Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter talks about in that podcast.

    I did think of this after my first 50 miler fail. I thought about writing about the week crying myself to sleep, the horrible feeling of learning enough after the race to know I could have finished the race…. recording it all. Then have it with me. If I ever am tempted to quit, read it, and ask myself if I want to feel that way again.

    I’m inspired and very glad I listened to your podcast with Mr. Benna. I ordered Unbreakable that day!

  • “Unbreakable” was so well done. I reviewed it more fully on my site, but the highlights for me were the spectacular footage of Kilian and Geoff running along the tops of gorgeous mountain peaks and getting to know them better as people (and still liking them!).

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