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JB Benna and crew strap on cameras and put us up front with the lead runners as they fight for position in the epic event 2010 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Grab some GU and buckle up as JB takes us on a great ride. We review his new film Unbreakable with ultrarunner and sports nutritionist Sunny Blende.

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Unbreakable Screening
Photo from the screening. Recognize any faces?
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  • I really enjoyed the podcast. I wish I could have been at the screening with all those guys. I just ordered the video and can’t wait to watch it.

  • Thanks for the podcast, I thought it was great too. I saw the movie last week and I thought it was inspired and inspiring film making. I took my 10 year old, cross-country running son along and he left a massive Geoff Roes fan with a plan to do a trail race some time next year. Good times, indeed.
    My one criticism of the flick was it’s exclusion of the women in the race besides Hal Koerner’s wife, Carly, and Anton Krupicka’s pacer, Jenn Shelton. There was even a scene where Roes is meeting Anton for the first time and as introductions are made amongst the group, a woman standing there is ignored until she eventually speaks up and says something to the effect of “…what am I, chopped liver?” That said, I understand that the focus of the film was the top four guys and with that, they did a great job. I’d love it if there was someone quietly working on a documentary about this year’s Western States focusing on the women. The bear, Ellie Greenwood’s come from behind win, the sprint finish for 2nd and 3rd…. that would be awesome.

  • In response to Andy’s criticism, you forgot to mention that I included Tracy Garneau, Joelle Vaught, Nkiki Kimball, Devon Crosby Hems, Megan Arbogast, Rori Bosio, Jen Benna, and Caren Spore, plus a few midpak runners. So though the focus is these four guys, we did not exclude women from the film. Also in reference to the Geoff Anton intro scene, you have realize he awkward this was. These guys have spent months envisioning how they want to beat the other person, so this is a natural tension and has nothing to do with being intentionally rude or the exclusion of women. Jenny and Tony are great friends.

    • In following these top runners, was there anything you learned from them or any incredible feats (good or bad) that were not caught on tape?

      PS – this DVD is first on my xmas list, can’t wait!

      PPS – podcast with J.B. is up!

  • Well, there you go. I reckon I’m the jerk for excluding them all from my memory bank. I guess I’ll have to buy the DVD and commit it to memory. Like I said, awesome film. Even awesomer now that my criticism has been criticized.

  • I watched the movie at a screening at my local running store and it was awesome and motivating! Can’t wait for my copy to come in the next day or two!!!!

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