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    Hi My next move into trails and running form is to start using the 180 strides per minute, as recommended.
    I read somewhere that Jack Daniels ( Coach/Legend) and his wife observed all the WR’s from 3000 m to 42k
    and in doing so found that all were on or v close to , 180 strides per minute.

    I have this file in my computer – safe etc…. – and its easy to unzip the one you want …. 180 bpm…

    Boring soundtrack 🙂 but should help me improve my form



  • I’m frustrated with trying to get the style down.
    I have worked on this for almost 4 years. When I see pictures of myself running I’m heel striking and in my head I think I’m running barefoot style. UGH!
    I’m now using Altra Lone Peak. I’m hoping this will help. As soon as we get some warmer weather I will start actual barefoot running on the local bike path. I’m hoping these will help.

  • Just wondering what other experiences have been with Minimalist shoes and foot bruising? I live in PA and some of the trails are pretty rocky. I love the gait and feel running in my Minumus or Five Fingers gives me, but when I unknowingly place my foot down to drap over a sharp rock, it hurts like a bugger! I had to take a couple months off in the fall from running the trails in them due to a bruised periosteum on my 2nd metatarsal. Am I just a wuss right now and my feet will eventually build up to it? I would seem like the ideal shoe for me would be minimalist design with a rockplate. Anyone know which shoe this would be?

  • Benjamin this is a great question for Dr. Cucuzzella. We will have him on again in a couple of weeks so we can ask him. Until then her are my 2 cents;

    1. You are not a wuss
    2. Shoe’s were built for a reason. Sharp rocks are one of the reasons.
    3. Jackets were built for a reason. Cold weather is one of the reasons.
    4. It is possible to develop stress fractures rather than the bruised metatarsal. So I agree with your comment above about finding the right shoe. Dr Cucuzzella’s online store has a HUGE selection.
    In fact, Faith Goss our podcast partner bought a pair and received a one on one consultation with a store shoe expert.

    Hope this helps until we can ask Dr. Mark on a podcast.


  • Yeah that would be interesting to hear. In reading through a few older posts around the forums, many people have similar issues as myself. Always nice to know your not alone.

  • Wow, great video…had to watch it again just make sure I picked up all of the tips! 🙂 Great to see Dr. Cucuzzella take a more “performance” approach to barefoot running style. Although Barefoot Ken Bob also some has some great tips and reminders to help effectively transition to a more efficient “barefoot style” running form–predominantly the bent knees and relaxed calves. Thanks again for posting!

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