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Following suit from our recent podcast with Adam Brantley, who spent SIXTY FIVE days unsupported on the trail, we want to hear our your stories of long bouts with the trail. Whether it was a one-day event, a fastpacking endeavor, or a multi-stage race, let us know how long you’ve spent on the trail in a continuous effort. Be sure to submit your time to the poll on the right!

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  • 26hours for me at last year’s The North Face 100. I had fractured my metatarsal 12 weeks out from the race and was agonising whether to start or not. Took 8 weeks before I could start running again, which was then 4 weeks out from the race. In the end, decided to front up with the goal of finishing. And I did 🙂

  • I hauled a tower of power from Estes Park to Grand Lake and back through Rocky Mountain National Park. Took 5 days and covered over 60 miles. One thing a tower of power will haul that Krud’s fanny pack wouldn’t. Beer!!!!

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