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Do you run with a group or prefer to be solo on the trails? If you are part of a group, give a shout out, tell us your typical stomping grounds and how far you usually run together.

Down here near San Antonio, we have a couple very large and active groups. We usually run at Bandera during the summer, anywhere from 15-25 miles on Saturday mornings and frequent weekday meetups.

TRN podcast guest and endurance coach Jimmy Dean Freeman heads up the SoCal Coyotes over in California.

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  • I had to go out alone the other day after putting it off for over 2 hours trying to get some poor victim to go with me. I found I was able to drown out the voices in my head the ipod though. I prefer a good conversation and the company of others. I do realize my place in the “pack”. I’m the slow one that will get picked off in the herd and who’s demise will warn the others of a predator. You would think it would be easy to finding running people then right? 🙂

    I do run with a great group. The Bakersfield Distance Project. The Coach is Andy and he has been very open and willing to teach and support all of us. I’ll be on his crew at Angels Crest and I should ask him for a list of topic so I don’t open up a can of worms during the race! 🙂

  • Love spending time with trail friends. I would never find the time to spend multiple hours talking about nothing and everything at the same time. During the tough part of a run I like to be alone. It helps me get it back together. I can go at my own pace without feeling like I am being pulled or holding someone up.

    • Who would want to run with you, anyway?! Last time I ran with you, we were threatened by a trail running skunk, rode a tree on the side of a cliff, saw the devil’s thumb in the western states canyon, and suffered severe muscle cramps…but you know what, it was pretty fun. Running with a group is better than going solo!

  • I run with Folsom Trail runners in the Sacramento region. I like running with a group to share stories, hear new ideas and just being with others when the trail gets a little tough helps the miles go by.

  • I run with my mate. He’s fun, listens to me ramble for 6 hours, and we love testing new gear and fuel on weekends. I’ve never run with a group; I’d like to try it but since I don’t drive I run only from my house (live in a great place surrounded by trails and state forest) and folks would have to meet here and I don’t know anyone in my town who runs far. There are runners but they are shorter distance and they are fast, I can’t run with them. I wonder how to start a group…

    • 6 hrs – How often do you run that ? Maybe better said- What is your ideal group-run distance/pace ? Variable ? I’m in. IMO 1 of the others may want to go for the group, not sure about the big guy, he’s hard to read.

      • What we try for is 6 hours for 2 weekends then a shorter weekend following a week with more speedwork. Some weekends the garden needs too much time and we do back-to-backs instead of 6 straight. Like today we did 2.75 hours and tomorrow we’re going back out for 5, depending on our pace maybe not that long. i’m a bit sick from the dentist still. yuck.

        We’ll be at the Daisy Hollow Carpenter rd area trail head tomorrow at 11:00 if you or any others want to join. Until I’m off the hydrocodone our pace is gonna be 12-15 min average so if you’re in a hurry you’re on your own and I’ll high five when you pass me. 🙂

  • I got hitched to the trails thru odds. Had run my first race at Lime Hollow,a nature center here. About 6 months later I went back to try it again, just for fun. While I was checking distance on the billboard map, the director approached me. Asking how I liked it, where I ran, and how fast.
    Before I knew where he was going with it,I was offered a spot in his group. Their early run times worked for me, as it matched up with my go home time (from work).
    Quickly,I discovered-they-were trying to keep up with me, the youngest in the group at 37. Both in time and distance.
    Now…they are gearing up for the “Tiny Tri”.
    Me ?
    I’ve got a bigger plate to fill.
    I’m a growing boy don’t you know.
    Currently – I’ve just hooked up with a pair of veteran ultra runners in the FLT area. Fingers crossed,I won’t embarrass them in my first 50 miler this yr.

  • I live in Loveland Colorado, and I run alone. I don’t run alone by choice, mostly because I don’t know any body that wants to run long miles with me. I also don’t know anyone that can keep my pace or go a little faster than me. The trails are pretty busy here though, so I get to rabbit hunt other runners when I spot them. It is also my goal to not let mountain bikers catch me. I take pride in passing them up the hills. So if there are any people around Northern Colorado and want to pound some miles at an average 9 to 10 minute pace, depending on the terrain, I also love pounding down the downhills, send me a message and we can log some distant miles in hills!

  • I live in Eastern PA and run with the Pagoda Pacers out of Reading, PA. I enjoy running with the group though I don’t contribute much because I’m breathing too hard to talk trying to keep up with them – and then I’m by myself when I no longer can! haha I’m getting faster (still finding my legs – have only been on the trails for a year – my trailiversary is this month!) but am generally in the back of the pack. My group is so fantastic though, so encouraging and supportive but I still feel pretty guilty holding them up most days!

    We generally run for a couple of hours on Saturdays and Sundays my guy and I run for a couple of hours as well. Now that its getting warmer those runs will get longer (I think/hope!). There are an incredible number of fantastic trails in this part of the state so it isn’t uncommon to drive 45 min to spread the trail love and get some new scenery in.

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