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  • Great episode. I listen to all of your podcasts while running and this one was great to try things and make adjustments in real time while Dr. Mark was discussing his points on running economy.

    • WE are learning tons WITH you guys too !!! We will keep it up. We are grateful for the guests that come on and share their knowledge with us.

  • This was great. I just listened to it on a run, adjusted as I went (easy to do in the Vibrams) and went farther and felt better than normal. Learning great and fun stuff with the podcast! Keep it up!!

  • The video under the “Kids” section of Natural Running Center says it all. Close up and slow-mo video of kids running down the road barefoot. I was so excited that I show my wife and she said: “Um, wow, that’s great. Can I have the iPad back now?” That’s right, it is great.

    • Hilarious! That’s why we need a community to “geek out” with. Non-runners just don’t understand sometimes.

  • Here’s something that brought running economy to mind for me the other day.
    It get’s pretty darn windy here on the front range of Colorado. In fact, last week we had wind gusts of over 50 mph. I run every day I’m able regardless of weather so… I put in a custom set of earplugs (i.e. molded/formed to each ear) so I could hear music over the gale. I found that they sealed my ears so well I could hardly hear the music from the pounding of my feet. Well, the pounding of my feet was from me running like an elephant. I found that if I ran “quietly”, my form, pace, and efficiency were all dramatically improved. Not sure if you could get Dr. Mark to comment ont his but running with a set of foam earplugs might tune you into how “loud” you’re running.
    Love the podcasts and information. Thanks.

    • Interesting comment. Reminds me how, sometimes when I am all alone late in an ultra, I find myself listening to my footsteps…trying to find the perfect cadence to conserve energy. I do this for five or ten minutes until I finally fall into an almost meditative state to the sound of loose gravel and rock underneath each footstep. Usually lasts at least until the next aid station. It’s beautiful.

  • Another home run from you guys and Dr. Mark. I drink in every word he says and I can’t wait for subsequent interviews with him. Great job!!!

  • Giving this series a re-listen as I try to focus on form and figure how to improve it while being inside during this “polar vortex” snap. Well, okay, last week, I listened to the previous issue while running the beach. : )
    Anyway, AWESOME, INFORMATIVE, INSPIRING. I listen to this stuff and feel like everything I have thought over the years about running and running style has just been legitimized, when for so long, I was looking at others and doubting every one of my steps. Thanks Dr. Mark, and thanks TRN!

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