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Mike Morton has had some amazing results in the last 7 months:

  • First place at Hinson Lake 24 hour race, running 163.9 miles- close to Scott Jurek’s record
  • First Place (by more than 4 hours: 13:18) and course record at Long Haul 100 mile
  • First Place (by more than 1 hour: 13:11) and course record at Umstead 100M

Mike Morton, age 40, seems to be one of the top ultra runners lately. But some of you may be thinking his name sounds familiar. You’re right. Mike Morton, at the age of 25, was the first place finisher and set a new course record at Western States in 1997 but somewhat mysteriously disappeared from the ultra scene soon afterward. Where did he go?

Faith, Don and Scott were honored to speak with Mike shortly after his record-breaking Umstead 100 mile race about his “sudden” comeback, his selfless service to his country and his super-human speed that has been bottled up.

Great article by Wyatt C. Hornsby in March 2012 Ultrarunning magazine, “Mike Morton – A Comeback For The Ages”

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  • Mike, thank you for your service. Your comeback is amazing and I’m sure all you have been through serving our country could fill volumes. Run Happy!

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