Trail Etiquette – On your left…I mean right!

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The trail doesn’t come with directions. Jimmy Dean and Kate Freeman join the regular podcast crew to discuss the do’s and don’ts of trail conduct. Tune in and compare your trail manners with the opinions of the TRN podcast team.

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  • Great Podcast for those of us that are new to trail running. I knew the uphill has right of way. I didn’t know I should acknowledge the person coming up on me I usually just try to hop out of the way. If someone doesn’t tell you the ettiquette you don’t know it. So, Thank you. I will say that person on the trail might be happy to follow etiquette if you let them know. Maybe turn them onto the TRN podcasts at least so they can learn it!

  • My question is , if dogs and people have to pack out their poo, why don’t the horses have to ? I am constantly having to run around piles of horse poo. I’m not sure if this is proper etiquette, but I generally yell out “Horsie Poo!” or something similar, to my companions running behind me.

    • Jimmy: “Horse poop is hay/feed and not harmful to the other animals, people poop & dog poop is poisonous. to the other animals. Unless you feed your dogs hay, or eat hay yourself. But even then, you’d have a tough time arguing that citation.”

      With that said. . . JDF lives in L.A. – take that for what it’s worth 🙂

      • Scotty,
        Don’t be sour grapes (that last comment) because of our YMCA trail discarded clothing debate.

        While I LIVE in LA, I am FROM NorCal. And we have horses down here too!!! LOL

  • Regarding Uphill or Downhill runners having the right of way – it is time to adopt and promote the convention of downhill runners having the right away. Anything different is dangerous and outdated.

    Organizers of trail races that I have entered that have an out and back course on steep terrain stress that the downhill (faster) runners have the right away.

    • If a Race Director wants it to be done a certain way, they can instruct their participants to do it that way. The trail etiquette is for general trail use/running (while we talked about racing sometimes, the spirit of the podcast was general trail running). It would make sense in a race when people are pushing pace to let a downhill runner pass, but again, the etiquette is to let someone climbing by (assuming both are running) when out on the trails NOT during an event.

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  • Good pocast, love the informal interaction amognst you guys.

    But …. JIMMY DEAN! It is not city dwellers that are responsible for dropping trash on the trail, man, it’s A–holes! Its like giving people an excuse … “Oh, they are from the city, they don’t know better”, please, it’s common sense not to just drop your garbage wherever you want. I’m jealous of your guys’ trails out there (I’m in MA and don’t have the long trails you have), 99% road miles for me, but the podcasts have all been great, and I’ve learned a ton!

    Keep up the good work, one day I want to hook up with the Coyotes (Or you guys up north) for a training run.

    • meh, me again above there. same login issue I mentioned on the Dr Soc Doc ‘cast. excuse me, it is my first time on the internets…

  • Once again, great podcast guys!

    Question: when running trails that allow mountain bikes, what side of the trail do you run on? I’ve always tried to stay to the left, the same as the bike path (so the bikers approaching from behind would pass on my right – and I can see the guys coming my direction on my side), but still seem to fall subject to the wrath of mountain bikers with trail shoe envy…

  • Favorite quote, “Pack it in pack it out. This isn’t your friggin’… laundry hamper. Put gloves on the side of the trail, you knucklehead!”

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