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SKORA is a new shoe company based in Portland, Oregon that is entering the minimalist shoe market. The SKORA Base ($125) is designed as a road shoe. A trail version will be released in Spring 2013. Although a road shoe, a comment from one of our TRN members likes using the SKORA Base for trail running. Thanks Kyle!

NOTE: The photos used are stock photos from SKORA. They provided the SKORA Base in the newer release color which could not be displayed.  Additionally, womens and extended mens sizes will be coming in Fall 2012.



The Base is a slip-on shoe with adjustable velcro straps in the front and heel.  It weighs 8 oz. If you remove the insole, it weighs approximately 7 oz. The shoe fit true to size. However, SKORA recommends a 1/2 size smaller. I did wonder why the shoe had such a high toe spring in a “minimalist” offering. By the way, SKORA doesn’t tout their shoe to be a minimalist shoe, but state that their “footwear lets people run naturally” – “Run Real”.  Some features are listed below in the Base:

  • Asymmetric Lacing (Velcro)
  • Stitch- Down Construction (reduces seams)
  • Anatomical Last (wide toebox, natural fit)
  • No Heel Counter
  • Breathable Upper



I tested the SKORA Base on non-technical trails with the insole and with/without socks.  My mileage ranged from 12 miles to 15 miles per running session. The Base has sufficient protection and cushioning. For a road shoe, I was surprised that the Base has sufficient traction.

When wet, the shoe drained okay. In the “lab”, the evaporation test results were “Poor”. I believe this was due to the insole being one of the heaviest in my testing which retained water.

As for durability, more miles will tell. However, I could envision a more sturdy upper for trail use. I did not have any issues with the velcro closure, but could see potential wear after prolonged use.

The Base tested well on the road from easy to progression running sessions. It definitely is well designed for road use.


  • Drop – 0 mm
  • Stack Height – 9 mm (include insole = 13mm)
  • Insole – 4 mm
  • Midsole – 5 mm
  • Outsole – 4 mm
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Neutral Shoe
  • No Rock Plate (Road Shoe)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Uppper – Synthetic
  • Made In – China
Weight Breakdown



For a new company entering the minimalist shoe market, I would give SKORA high marks. Although the Base is not a trail shoe, there is protection and the right amount of cushioning and flexibility built into the shoe. I will be searching for their trail version, hopefully, with a durable upper and traction for the trails.
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  • Kyle Kranz from Skora here 🙂 Thanks for the review! If you check out our photo page on FB: you’ll see two examples of the shoes at 600 miles. 643 miles is as far as I have taken a single pair, but that’s simply because I sent my first pair of Bases back early. Every day I do a bit of work to see how far I can take a single pair 😉

    The Form is definitely a better trail shoe, simply because the leather is super tough compared to synthetic material.

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