Jay Dicharry Teaches us How to Rewire our Running

February 3, 2018

Jay Dicharry is a board certified sports clinical specialist and one of America’s leading physical therapists, coach and author of Anatomy for Runners” and “Run Like an Athlete”,  Jay established his reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the University of Virginia’s SPEED Clinic.  He now resides in Bend, OR where he is the Director of REP Lab where Jay blends clinical practice and engineering to better understand overuse injuries and helps prevent them before they become a problem.

Jay helps will motivate you to become a better runner by introducing his new book, “Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run For Stability, Strength, and Speed”

  • Are we really BORN to run or do we EVOLVE to run?
  • What is the difference between SPECIFIC practice and DELIBERATE practice
  • Should we do static drills or dynamic drills?
  • Cushion or minimal shoes?


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  1. Name Name says:

    Great talk, very informative! Might seem petty, but all the “…right” Jay uses made it pretty difficult to focus on the content. Nervous tick? Attempt at a soft close? Actually asking the interviewer a question? Don’t know but it’s distracting.

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