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If you had trail genie that granted you one wish, what part of your running game would you improve?

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  • No asthma!!

    get and stay @ peak performance weight

    I don’t know which I would pick of the two.

  • I would tell him to keep up, keep me company or stop bothering me….. nothing in this sport is just given to you!

  • @Scott, was a Genie your last hallucination during an ultra?

    As for a wish, nothing beats up staying out of injury!

  • Definitely to get rid of my nagging knee injury once and for all. And to remain injury free so I can keep running for the rest of my life, that’s my goal!

  • Trail Genie please grant me: hmmmmm…… longevity, uhhhhhh faster leg turnover……..improved VO2 max…….heck…..I guess it doesn’t matter. Fast or slow Genie just let me enjoy the trails with healthy joints and muscles.

  • Gotta go with “pain free” in terms of injuries. I can deal with the pain of effort/fatigue. Injuries are no bueno.

    Coyote Kate says, “faster/more effortless on her climbs”.

  • Is the use of a trail genie Kokopelli approved?

    I would wish for better running form. I’ve improved my form a lot over the last year but I think I still have a long way to go.

  • I would like move my house somewhere near the mountains so don’t need to do most of my runs on those perfect flats where I live.

  • More sunlight in the day. I was visiting UT for the month of June and it was sad to come back to FL with shorter days. If the sun would come up around 6am and not go down until 11pm, that would make for great long running days.

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