What is the best long run advice you would give a new trail runner?

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  • Don’t sweat the mileage. Measure your long run in hours vice miles. Go slow, and walk when you need to. Hours – not miles 🙂

    • When I was training for my first ultra my partner kept telling me all that matters is time on your feet and it turned out to be true!

  • Don’t be affraid to walk. Don’t be affraid to stop and look at the scenery. It’s supposed to be fun.

  • The first time you go out on a trail long run plan on short out and backs or loops so when you learn what you wish you had with you you’re closer to your home or vehicle and not 20 miles into the forest when the deer flies find you and you realize bug repellent is a good idea you failed to think of ahead of time. Or some other horrid thing besides biting insects that you may forget to pack supplies for dealing with in the boonies; surprise blisters that occur only on trails, digestive issues (pun intended), chafing, etc.

  • I understand the time on your feet concept, but how do you prepare to stay ahead of cutoffs? Some midweek speed work? Or just trust that speed will come as endurance builds?

    • I am a believer in endurance first, then speed. I think time on your feet training is more likely to keep you ahead of cutoffs than speedwork.

  • This is really great.. as a newer trail runner, I get concerned about the distance I’m running.. I really like the idea of focusing on the time factor.. thanks!

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