Warren Pole – are ultrarunners selfish?

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Warren Pole knows where the starting line is located.  He also knows where the comic line is located, and he proudly steps right over that line with both feet.  Here’s hoping Warren stays out of bounds because that is where he performs his best work.  Thank you Warren Pole for contributing to the podcast and representing Trail Runner Nation.

Warren talks about

  • His experience running the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 118K in the pristine Dolomites of Italy
  • How ultras give you license to be selfish
  • Recognizing your achievements

Check out this cool video to learn a little more about our favorite Brit: show reel

Closing Song: Hate to Say I Told You So by The Hives
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  • Welcome Back Warren!!
    I completely enjoyed this podcast on this morning’s run.
    Yes we are!!! LOL My husband always feels lucky because I’m the runner. So when I get home from a long run I take a nap instead of worrying about the Honey Do List.

    Hoka, I have been wearing them and Altra since February.
    They work very well in a zero drop or minimal drop program. I look at the tread and I’m landing mid-foot.
    Hoka has a 4mm drop, so it is considered “experimental” instead of traditional.
    One has to go for a few runs with them to get used to them. The first run leaves one wondering if they made a mistake they feel squishy. I purchased my first pair after a 50 mile run in a 24 hour race left me crippled for 2 weeks. So the plan was Altra on the trail and Hoka on the road. I was hesitant to use Hoka on the trail because I was worried about being so far off the ground and not having control of my foot falls, and falling.
    Then after listening to the Dave Mackey interview I decided to try them on the trail. They are just really cool, so firm, so much control. Not once have I felt like I would fall because of the shoes. I’m loving them!!
    Thanks again for another great pod-cast!!

  • ah guys…… Tim Noakes is THE pre-eminent (translating into American “he’s No 1!”) exercise physiologist in the world. And, even though you may not rate the event he has run multiply Commrades. You don’t have to aggree with him but you wolud wise not to dismiss him

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