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Join TRN as they break down members responses to the websites Question of the Week, “Whats the best long run advice you have been given”  Faith has a mouth full of Novocaine so we can provide a written transcript if necessary.

Closing Song: “Hate to Say I Told You So” by The Hives

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  • Definitely do the shirts :). May want to think about beanies too since it will start getting cold.

    One thing I’d recommend is get to know the other folks in the race. I’m not saying talk their ears off, but tell everyone great job and if you’re walking up a hill or are at a talkable pace, then get to know folks. To me it’s one of the best parts of the sport, helps the miles go by fast and you might learn something.

  • Nice try with my name D) It actually spells “Yashoo” and it is polish nickname for John, so you can call me Johnny if you really want to. BTW it is the same with Scott Jurek (kind of well known ultrarunner with polish roots 😉 ) it spells “Yourec”.

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