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After a long summer of conflicting schedules, we finally connect again with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. We talk about:

  • How many miles should your shoe last?
  • Post run ice – over rated or under utilized
  • NSAIDs – what are they and how should you use them?
  • The 10% rule

Here is the Running Times article that we referenced in the podcast.

Closing Song: Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden

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  • Great pod cast from Dr. Cucuzella again! I love the format of letting him go and just talk. I do have one complaint with his introduction, though. Dr. Cucuzella is from Shepherdstown, West Virginia not Virginia. You all have made the error on two of his interviews. We have been our own state since 1863. Mixing up the two is like saying Northern and Southern California people are the same. I know because my wife is from Northern Cali and she does not like to be compared to Southern Californians. Thanks for putting this pod cast out I really do look forward to the next one. Run mas!!

  • Thanks for this really important information on NSAIDS. I’ve been taking Vitamin I ground up in a little yogurt before every race or long fact, I was kinda hoping someone would come out with a Gu-trin..Gu with the Motrin built right in! I guess now I’ll have to change my ways.

  • Thank you for another fabulous podcast!! What great information. I learned so much about letting the body adjust to the training. great stuff!! thanks again!

  • Thank you for yet another excellent podcast. You’ve certainly changed my Vitamin I usage already (never abused it, but I never hesitated to reach for it… now I really think about whether I really need it and have turned away from it more often.

    I have another question for Dr. Mark (maybe for his next appearance)… what are your thoughts on compression gear? I love my Zensah calf sleeves, but I’ve always wondered about whether they really do anything. Are the benefits in my head or are they actually helpful?

  • Dr. Cucuzzella,
    I have a question. Is there a negative to using menthol rubs for pain relief? does that interfere with training adaptation?

    Thank you much!

  • Awesome podcast – truly informative and great topics covered. I’ve been training for my first ultra 50+ mile winter race up in Vermont, and have been trying to learn as much as possible about the gear I wear to the physical problems I could encounter.

    Thanks again. Also loved your Geigerrig pack review by the way. I gave their 500 series a try in the VT Spartan Beast this year and loved it.

    – Ben

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