What is your go to, favorite running gear?

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When you have a big race or a special training run, what is your FAVORITE gear that you reach for and wear?





  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch
  • Headlamp
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • MP3 player and headphones
  • Other?
Share with the nation your preferred Gear!  Please be brief: brand & model- this is not a gear review:)
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  • Shoes – Salomon Sense
    Socks – cheapies from K-Mart
    Shorts – Pearl Izumi
    Shirt – Salomon Exo Race
    Hat – Compressport Visor
    Sunglasses – Rudy Project Rydon PhotoChromics
    Watch – Suunto Ambit
    Headlamp – Ay-Up Lights
    Nutrition – Hammer Perpetuem
    Poles – Black Diamond Z-Poles
    Pack – Salomon S-LAB 12L Skin

  • My one piece of go-to gear is my Under Amour heat gear compression undies. They keep the chafage away and keep my dry in all the right places. All other gear is interchangeable, but I have to have my UA undies.

  • Brooks Cascadia shoes, Nathan hydration pack, wigwam socks, chia surge or Clif Shots for energy, Big River Running hat, lululemon yoga shorts (used as compression shorts, and my running partner Sadie (3 year old Viszla)

  • Shorts – first Ascent Reaction short tights, no chafage.
    Shirt – first Ascent Contour shirt, has stretch pockets on the sides and a 1/4 zip with a collar as well as silicone pack grips.
    Hat – Headsweats GU visor in white with a Halo headband that locks sweat in with a rubber strip.
    Sunglasses – Rudy Rydon Photochromic, light and adjustable and wearable in any light conditions.

    Nutrition – GU Roctane drink, 240 calories in a light tasting 22oz serving
    Hydration – CamelBak Ultra LR vest with CamelBak Podium Chill bottles, they have 4 times the insulation of their normal insulated bottles. keeps drink cold and palatable for way longer. Great lockable jet valve, BPA free, taste/odour free and has an anti-bacterial coating.
    MP3 player and headphones
    Other? Gaiters from, they are from light lycra and don’t need a strap under the shoe or any glueing to work. Compressport ForQuad and R2 compression sleeves.

  • Oh and Paceline Products Chamois Butter. While it is made for cycling I use it for any endurance sport and while it smells funny it works really well even when your skin gets sweaty or wet

  • Shoes… Altra Lone Peak. I’ve been trying out the Mountain Masochists for a bit but I’m not quite sold yet.
    Socks… WrightSock Double Layer Coolmesh. Best sock ever. Cheap.
    Shorts… A local company, Climate. Their women’s hiking shorts are this man’s running shorts.
    Shirt… The one that’s on the top of the pile. Shirts are the worst. If only I had the moxie to roll Tim Olsen/Tony Krupicka style…
    Hat… I just got a Buff Evo 2. It’s reversible and pretty awesome.
    Sunglasses… Just for the beach.
    Watch… When I must, it’s a cheap-o solar powered Casio with a stopwatch and a velcro strap.
    Headlamp… I have yet to do any night running worth mentioning. For now I have some sort of Petzl thing that I don’t love.
    Nutrition… Vanilla Clif gels and real food. PB&Js lately.
    Hydration… I flip-flop between Ultimate Direction handheld and Nathan HPL #020.
    MP3 player and headphones… Never. Mortal sin.
    Other?… UltrAspire Spry vest. A nice little thing that I won a while back. It’s a keeper.

  • Shoes – New Balance MT110
    Shorts – Any split shorts i could find, the lighter the better
    Shirt – any sweat wicking shirt i have
    Hat – Buff Visor
    Sunglasses – el cheapo wayfarer-ish glasses.. 🙂
    Watch – Suunto Vector (its the only thing i got. 🙂 )
    Nutrition – GU peanut butter or mint chocolate..
    Hydration – UD handhelds.

  • Shoes: NB MT 110

    Socks: Injinji

    Shorts: Sport Hill “Reno”

    Shirt: Brook’s “D’Lite Mesh Tank”

    Hat: Marmot visor. Just because I love my Marmot tent

    Sunglasses: none

    Watch: $10.00 drugstore sport watch

    Headlamp: N/A (haven’t done longer than a 50 yet)

    Nutrition: Hammer Huckleberry gel

    Hydration: UltrAspire “Isometric Race”

    MP3 player and headphones: none

    Other? BRA! You forgot women again, thanks. Bra: Moving Comfort “Juno”

  • I’m going minimal since working back in to running after 4 months of not running. I’m leaving the watch at home. I have a pair of running shoes and shorts at work for lunch runs. If the weather is cool enough, off I go. I know what landmarks are what distances, but just the joy of running is coming back.
    Water bottle… a must have! LOL

  • Almost always: Zensah calf sleeves, Garmin Forerunner 305 and Halo II headbands.
    Often: Camelbak Quick Grip Podium Bottle (depends on the length of the run.)
    Seasonal: Petzl TIKKA2-XP rechargeable headlamp.

  • Shoes – Hoka Bondi B, both road and trail
    Socks – Drymax max protection
    Shorts – Race Ready
    Sliders – cheap C9 from target – nothing better in my opinion
    Shirt – Love TNF better than naked – all there flight series stuff is pretty solid
    Bottles – Specialized type bottles
    Pack – Hydrapak Elite or Nathan H020 race vests
    Fuel – tail wind or hammer gels
    Visor – Headsweats – always have it on

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