What is the difference between jogging and running?

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Some of us correct our non-running friends when they ask us how our morning “jog” went.  So why is this such a big deal.

  • What are the differences between jogging and running?
  • Do you correct your friends when they use the word “jog”?
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  • Endurance Run or Endurance Jog

    A jogger has never calculated their pace. A runner can read the pace of another runner from a car going the opposite direction traveling 50 MPH.

    A jogger bounces up and down like Mohammad Ali in the ring. A runner travels smoothly following the terrain like an F-14.

    A jogger wears cotton sweats. A runner Wicks.

    A jogger doesn’t even know the difference between a jogger and a runner. A runner can spot a jogger in a movie theater.

    • Don, have you tried running in a cotton shirt recently? I’ve done it a couple times over the summer and found it nice than expected. Cotton is softer, less chaffing and leaves you with some cooling sweat. And leaves you with more money for race entries. I might be going back to cotton.

  • In my mind, the difference only applies to road running and, I think, faster than 10 minutes a mile is running, slower is jogging. This only applies to road running because I’ve certainly gone on very fast trail runs and only averaged 11 minutes per mile.

    Other than that I would say Don Freeman’s answer is pretty spot on.

  • Bill Bowerman invented “jogging” to make running more attractive to the masses so he could sell more shoes.
    Jogging is for everyone, running is for us who love being out there and enjoying every second of it.

  • I disagree about joggers wearing cotton sweats and runners wicking. There are some serious runners who imbibe in the minamilist doctrine and wear what is cheap.

    Obviously a jogger is not as serious about the run as a runner.

  • You’ll never see a jogger on the rain.. A runner sees light rain and thinks: hmm extra cooling to go faster in the trail 🙂

  • I’ve reached an age and experience where I no longer care what someone else labels my running. If they call me a runner…good…if they call me a jogger…who cares…I know what I do!

    • I don’t have the experience, at least not with running, but I’ve got some age. Thanks, Curt. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Jasiu you are absolutely right ! This article is excellent. I will read this more than once. THANK YOU !! I think a new podcast is in order 🙂

  • Someone told me when I was a beginning runner, “if both your feet are off the ground at the same time, you are running”.

  • Even worse is when you are walking up a hill and a mountain biker going down the hill yells out “Walker” to warn the rest of his group that you are there…. clearly he didn’t see my wicking shirt!

  • I think it is a personal thing. I don’t run a 10 minute mile, and I’m not too smooth. I never call myself a jogger, I’m a runner. I have seen some bumper sticker phrases like: “If being called a jogger irritates you, move faster”, “if being called a jogger pisses you off, your a runner”

    That sort of thing. My app on my phone has me in the jogger category, I work damn hard, too hard to be a jogger.

    So I think it is an individual thing, and a how serious you are thing.

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