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The Soleus 3.0 is a GPS Watch with a HR Monitor priced at $199.  YES, you read that correctly, $199.  It is a welcome option for the MUCH higher priced GPS watches on the market that can easily exceed $400 with a HR monitor.  Soleus Running is a company that was started by some people that used to work for Nike.  Their goal was to manufacture watches that had “everything that a runner needed, but nothing they didn’t”.  If you are looking for a well-built, robust watch with GPS tracking and a HR monitor, this is the BEST value that I have found. The 3.0 is their top model.  There are three other GPS models that run $69, $99, $149, and $199, depending on the features you are looking for. Soleus also makes other non-GPS watches and heart rate monitors.  They are available at sporting goods stores but I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing directly from their web site – their customer service is very good.

CLICK HERE to listen to our full Review of the Soleus GPS 3.0 while you look at these photos I took.

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  • Nice review. I have the $99 version. Only thing that I noticed is that in short distances, the mileage is off. I’m talking in the 1-2 mi range which most here are not doing. I only am due to a torn meniscus. I did a 20mi bike ride the other day do see how the knee handled that and decided to take 3 forms of measuring devices with me. I have the bike monitor which is pretty spot on, my phone running endomondo and the watch on the handlebars. I found them all to be within .2mi of each other. I was happy with that.

    I don’t know if they corrected this issue either with the new watch but I found it hard to figure out which buttons to push (without having the manual right there) to save and delete files. I kept deleting before I wanted to because of the different functions for the right side buttons.

    All in all – excellent watch for the money. I like the new option to save maps and such, $99 version doesn’t have that detail but I don;’t need that stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend the $99 version to anyone.

  • NH_Will thanks for the review. It must be a decent GPS watch. I can’t seem to get Scott to share it with me. 🙂

  • Scott, Great review of the Soleus 3.0. I actually listed to it from the Soleus website. I’ve been thinking about getting my first GPS watch. The S 3.0 sounds like a real good choice. Can you tell if the watch captures elevation profiles? I don’t see anything in the features listed and the SW screen shots don’t list elevation.
    Hillrunr from NJ (yea, the East Coast!)

  • Hey i heard that review and the off course encouraged my desicion,and i got one now.
    i have one problem is that no matter if i want to run or just do crossfitgym,it seems to me i cant turn off the gps no matter what,therse no any guide to how to that and it is really bothering cause i dont need a gps when i train at home or just doing TRX workout.

    ive been waiting long time for an answer from the company,and i still dont know what to do about it.
    ill be glad if someone do.

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