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  • Supplemental Ketones are interesting, in theory, but…

    1) Cost. $58 for 16 servings. (KetoCaNa on Amazon). Oh, and each serving is only 55 calories. On a $ per calorie basis, that’s right up there with caviar and truffles… not any kind of meaningful source of caloric intake.

    2) Sodium. Exogenous ketones (in the form of ketone salts) are LOADED with sodium. A single (expensive, measly 55 calorie) serving has 1300 mg of sodium!!! That’s 54% of your daily RDA (or even more, if you ask the American Heart Association).

    3) Serving limits. The packaging says not to exceed 3 servings per day. So… a whopping 165 calories.

    Other: terrible taste, completely lacking in the attending micro-nutrients that accompany natural foods, and unknown long-term effect on health.

    My conclusion: exogenous ketones may have some narrow, limited applications (e.g., to help transition into ketosis during a multi-day fast), but will be insignificant sources of nutrition for most ultra-runners.

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