Unpacking Pandora's Box with Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman

jdf ash December 28, 2012

Pandora’s Box turned out to be a bit larger than we thought.  After an hour and 48 minute podcast we still have some more work to do.  Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we discuss, “If you walk in your endurance run can you really really claim you ran the race?”  Oh yeah, and JDF intro’s the EPIC Bill Bradley into the mix.

Closing Song: “Animus Vox” by Glitch Mob

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  1. Chris Schultheiss says:

    I RUN 100 miles. I never actually run the whole time but I think that is irrelevant. I complete 100 miles and that is my accomplishment. I don’t agree with this crazy talk!

    • Ashley Walsh says:

      I told you they’d get mad at me! I “run 100 miles” too. I just don’t actually run it.

    • Jimmy Dean Freeman says:

      You have to remember that Ashley “FemaleTrailJimRome” Walsh is really all about asking questions that stimulate interesting dialog, not just taking what the world force feeds us and believing/going with that. Nothing in our podcast(s) is meant to take anything away from the accomplishment of “completing / running / migrating” 100 miles. It’s JUST to inspire some intelligent conversation around it. When we say, “I run 100 miles” to someone who doesn’t run (at all), they conjure up an idea/image in their mind that doesn’t accurately reflect what we are actually doing out there (closer to an ALL DAY hike than say, RUNNING a half marathon).

      Don’t get too fired up, even Ash doesn’t take herself THAT seriously. *wink*

      • Don Freeman says:

        Dang Jimmy don’t take the fun out of this!! What’s wrong with a little controversy. Next thing you know Jimmy will tell us there isn’t an Easter Bunny……You’re a Buzz Kill JDF !!!!

      • TJ Mckeown says:

        Testify brother! Whether you run, run/walk or float! It’s all good!

      • Hey Jimmy, I am totally team Rainbows and lollipops or whatever, and I realize that the question was meant to stimulate conversation but like I said I believe the content is irrelevant and that like someone else said later in the thread, I think that this subject has been exhausted in the forum of the podcast. I am not a super amazing ultrarunner but I do my best and that is all I can ask for. So I don’t want my 100 mile race to be looked at as just a long walk when I put tons of training time, listening to this podcast, and reading everything I could about ultras, into finishing my first 100, last year. This year I am all in, I have 16 races on my calendar, most of them ultras. Thanks for your contributions to the ultrarunning community!

  2. Brian Thomas says:

    The glass balls for this podcast are: Ash Migrates 100s (When she feels something it). I couldn’t make out one of the words.

  3. Ashley Walsh says:

    Hahah “when I feel led to do so” I mumble a lot… when I’m not talking too loudly.

    JIMMY you have a way with words. That’s exactly what I MEANT to say.

  4. Don Swinford says:

    Great podcasts with JDF and AW! I have just run marathons so I’m probably not worthy to comment. What you do running Ultras is incredible. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline, determination, and grit to run a 100 miles. I have to disagree with AW, that “everyone” can’t run 100 miles. For many people, running a 5k is a huge accomplishment. When it comes to 100 miles it doesn’t matter if you run, walk, or crawl, it’s an accomplishment that 99.9% of the people in the world won’t (or can’t) do. It’s a BIG deal.

    I Look forward to future “fights’ between JDF and AW.

  5. Ashley Walsh says:

    I disagree of course. Because I think that physically, if you can all out run a 5k you can train and push to finish a 100 if you really want it.

    • Don Freeman says:

      Ashley it may surprise you but I disagree. IF you change your statement to say: “A person without any physical impairment is capable of running (migrating) 100 miles” I would agree with you 100%.. But to say, “If you can run a 5K then you can run 100M.” uhhhhhhh…….NO.

  6. Ashley Walsh says:

    oh really Don??!!! THAT’S COOL- because I just responded to you on twitter!!!!!!!!!!

    • TJ Mckeown says:

      I think the 100 mile “event” whether ran, run/walk whatever, is a mental accomplishment as much as a physical one. I admire your faith in people but to be honest I see a challenge to get most people to the starting line. Still your faith in people is an inspiration.

  7. Jamie Hobbs says:

    Despite some good recent podcasts, I’m getting worried that this podcast may have just jumped the shark. The third hour of this was more than I could bear to listen to. I love it when you guys bring on guests with experience and wisdom to share, and I look forward to more of that. (Sorry to be a critic. I generally love what you do.)

    • Jimmy Dean Freeman says:

      Touche, Jamie. Love both the honesty AND the Happy Days reference. I thought 1-hr, 45-min was too long, and the additional hour was more “reality TV” than content. We’ll get Don back focused on some good experience & wisdom.

      I don’t see any topic suggestions there, however. What do you WANT to hear about (all I see there is what you don’t like and a very vanilla description of what you do like)???

  8. stopashley says:

    I agree with Jamie

    • Jimmy Dean Freeman says:

      Jamie’s post/comment has merit as it’s public and honest (from his point of view). You, however, creating a profile to be anonymous is pretty comical and while I’ve never been here to be inflammatory, quite cowardly.

      I invite you to post that from your normal profile. If “stopashley” is your normal profile (i.e. you just created one to post that), you are NOT what the spirit of “Trail Runner Nation” is all about…

  9. Robert says:

    I loved these two podcasts and thought the back and forth was compelling. Keep ’em coming.

  10. Caleb Wilson says:

    I think it should come down to simple math as to whether you can say you “RAN” 100 miles, because even elite runners will at some point walk, at least a little, during a 100 miler. Case in point, Mike Morton walked up a lot of Towne Pass at Badwater earlier this year and maybe even some of the other steep climbs, but finished it in a time that averages out to about 10 minute miles. To finish in 24 hours or less you have to average 4.16 MPH or faster. That’s basically a REALLY fast walk/really slow run.

  11. CD says:

    I cannot comment on the run/walk/migrate conversation, but my favorite part of the podcast was when Bill Bradley’s name was brought up. I thought, “wow, the former Senator is a trail runner. Well, he was an NBA basketball player, so that makes sense, maybe, ’cause his knees must be wrecked from that…wait… how old is he?” As all that was going on in my head Ashley said something about him being a porn star and then my head exploded! Polictics really can steal your soul, can’t it?
    http://www.billbradley.com/ – the former Senator and NBA player
    http://epicbillbradley.com/ – the endurance athlete
    and I’ve got nothing on Bill Bradley adult film star, I think work has “parental controls” in place

    • Ashley Walsh says:

      Haha for the record, that comment stemmed from an earlier tweet between Jimmy in I in which he said ” Google The Epic Bill Bradley” and I said “I’m going to be really mad at you if I google this and it turns out to be some adult film star.” Haha. I know nothing of porn, trust me.

  12. craig says:

    These podcasts are great. As for the Run/Walk debate why not say “I did a 100 mile Ralk?

    Awesome please more Ashely and Jimmy in the podcasts…

  13. Bert says:

    Ok now lets all take a moment for a big hug…..

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