Valentines Day Edition: Whatcha Love and Whatcha Don't on the Trail

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Scott & Don

Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we explore what we love and what we could live without on the trail.  Ashley is nice.  Scott is out of town and submits his list and appears as “Silent Scott” channeling his thoughts through Don.   Jimmy streams organic wisdom from the trail gods.  What’s not to like?   Apply a fresh Performance Enhancing Kokopelli to get the most out of this podcast.

Stuff we talked about:

Ashley’s Day of Reckoning

Closing Song: “Animus Vox” by the Glitch Mob

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  • I made it 🙂 I love the solitude of a long trail run. Running with other people can be pretty fun but I need that one on one time. I’d also like to say that Ashley Walsh talks about her negativity but I really enjoyed the mental toughness podcast with her and the sentiment I got from that was that sometimes things suck….but it won’t last forever and if you fight for it you can get through it. So just…do it. I think that’s pretty positive.

  • I made it! 🙂 Really enjoyed my first trailrunnernation podcast…can I get a whoooot whooot? Oh, and Ashly..I’ll be wearing my compression socks and my visor just for you tomorrow..hahah! Loved it, guys, srsly. Looking forward to next time! @chrisdholloway

  • Made it to the end of another good podcast. Only recently have I come to enjoy the more competitive side of trail running, but on the other hand, here’s something I’ve come to despise: when tempted to sign up for a “training race,” I ‘m ashamed to say I worry how it will affect my Ultrasignup ranking. Makes me long for the days when what happened on the trail, stayed on the trail.

  • Made it a week later, I had to look to see who this Ashley person is. As a cop from Georgia if I catch you doing the ballon thing, you probably get a pass…..

  • Another great podcast, thanks for sharing the Valentines love – I was giggling along whilst running the hills of Edinburgh. Don – are you still looking for an interviewee who knows their stuff about sleep and training/racing? I know someone who knows a LOT about this. I got a place in the lottery for Western States this year and am training hard for it, part of which involves running in a heat chamber in a sports school in Edinburgh – the researcher who runs the facility is a specialist researcher in how sleep affects athletes. Let me know if you have someone already or want her contact? It would have to be another international Skype podcast for you!

    Love your work and also in response to Andreas above – Jimmy Dean sounds like a total dude who knows his stuff. The banter on the podcasts is brilliant 🙂

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