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Not to be confused by one of my favorite movies, “True Grit”, The Puregrit 2  by Brooks may have made improvements on the original like the movie remake.  The Puregrit 2 is billed as a minimalist shoe weighing in at around 10 ounces and has a 4 mm drop.  Listen as Don explains why this was his shoe of choice for his last 50K.  Listen to our audio review HERE.

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  • Unfortunately, I found the Pure Grit 2 one of the shoes that Brooks changed way too much from the original. I loved everything about the original except for the tread. I used it all winter (which is r not even over here in Montana)and it held up like a champ. The Grit 2 does have a much improved tread, but the asymetrical lacing system was nothing but problematic. It was difficult to find the sweet spot so my feet would quit falling asleep. Also, one of the fabric loops that holds the laces broke in the middle of a run. The keeper for the laces was also placed in a spot that is completely useless. I had them for fewer than probably 150 miles and took them back to the store. I traded them in on a pair of Pearl Izumis which so far have been a vast improvement over the Grit 2. I will be, however, on the lookout for the original Pure Grit on clearance. It will make a great summer shoe here since the tread pattern won’t make as much of a difference.

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