Sock Doc prescribes more sex!

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Scott & Don

Get out your heart rate monitors!  After two pretty technical, mind-blowing podcasts, we lighten things up with a nice discussion with Dr. Steve Gangemi, the Sock Doc teaching us that having sex will make us better athletes.  Check out the article that Sock Doc wrote that we referenced HERE.

Closing Song: “Troublemaker” by Weezer

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  • I’m not sure if any questions really got answered in this podcast, but it was pretty entertaining to hear Don, Scott, and Faith laugh like school children while thrusting into the topic. Good stuff!

  • You handled this like champs – you touched the gutter but did not fall into it 😉 Well done and I’m so happy that Faith has found her way back to TRN – she was missed!

  • First time listener and THIS was the first podcast I listened to. I’m sold. So entertaining. Informative, educational. You guys are good. Excited to keep listening. Hard to find a podcast that’s entertaining AND informative about running. Too many are boring, just plain boring. You guys are awesome!!

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