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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella joins The Nation to

  • Recount his observations while he was running the 2013 Boston Marathon
  • His response to a recent study on barefoot running
  • How to “live more and die less”
  • Upcoming clinics Dr. Mark will be leading in the U.S.

We referenced the following:

  • Epigenetics: check out this video that describes it.
  • Dr. Mark’s 8:26 minute video

Learn more from Dr. Cucuzzella at these web sites:

Two Rivers Treads

The Natural Running Center

Closing Song: “Everlong – accoustic” by Foo Fighters

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  • Great podcast as usual!

    Dr. Mark mentioned foot exercises that Dr. Irene Davis uses with runners – can we get a link to these? I’ve been transitioning to Minimus zero trail (MT00) shoes over the past 2 years (from the Kinvaras to NB MT101) and I’d like to add these to strengthen by feet and lower legs.


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