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To reach your athletic potential, Dr. Phil Maffetone shares the secret ingredient is in the kitchen.  Nutrition is the foundation for performance and recovery.   We open his Big Red Book and ask the author to connect his content to the trail.  We discuss protein, fats and carbohydrates as we literally sit at the kitchen table with Dr. Maffetone.

Closing Song by Dr. Phil Maffetone  and is titled Rosemary.

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  • This podcast had me furrowing my brow during my run. I kept hearing “So what should we eat,” and then after twenty anecdotes all I gathered was stay away from refined carbs…

    I appreciate the nutrition segments, but lately I’m ready to quit it all… Drink more water… we drink too much water. Eat GU’s, GU’s are bad for your running race. Vegan is the way to go for health, vegan is just another fad… Paleo blah blah blah….

    I’ve just finished a nice long run. Beer anyone? Is THAT ok? 😉

    • Oh and that unfit runner “Ryan Hall” that died was not an impressive example for the good doctors theories…I think you should’ve edited that out. I had a hard time with credibility after that mistake.

      • He obviously meant Ryan Shay – a close friend of Ryan Hall – Hall got a lot of press at the time of Shays death.

        But with Ryan “DNF” Hall’s great performance over the last few years I think its easy enough to understand why someone would think he was dead.

    • Find what works for you, honestly, the Ryan Hall thing was a bit odd, like ‘where have you been forever’. If you put Michael Arnstein on he would say eat 80-10-10, fruititarian and he does great with that, then others say eat fat and burn fat, do what works for you. Its that easy.

  • Interesting podcast. Like Rebecca, I found the Ryan Hall thing distracting. I listened while out on my long run and was confused by the end. So, when I got home, I sat down to a nice plate of whole wheat peanut butter/chocolate chip pancakes 🙂 It didn’t clear anything up, but it sure tasted good.

    Rebecca – If beer is wrong, I don’t want to be right 😉

  • would really appreciate a panel discussion setup on nutrition with a few people. maybe scott jurek, sunny blende, dr. maffetone, dr. noakes – or some similar combination.

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