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Ian Torrence has a deep resume of trail ultras:

  • Finished over 170 ultras and has won over 50!
  • In 1999, he finished 16 ultras and 1 marathon and won 12.
  • In 2002, he completed the Grand Slam of Ultras
  • 18 JFK finishes including 11 top ten finishes

He currently resides in the trail running mecca of Flagstaff, AZ where he trains and coaches for McMillan Running as their ultra-marathon coach.  Ian talks to us about his experiences and how his body and training has changed over time, how he has adjusted his training to continue to race successfully and tips he feels will help you build a bonk proof body.

Ian Torrence’s Blog

Some articled he has written for IRunFar

Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool rechargable headlamps made for trail running at Petzl

Closing Song: “Mama Kin” by Aerosmith

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  • I’ve actually been experimenting with maltodextrin. I’ve been using CarboPro because I’d heard so many other people had success with it. So far it has been a miracle!

    That said, CarboPro is getting pricey and I was looking for other maltodextrin options. But the problem is that I’m not sure if there is a difference between the types – perhaps one has finer grains, or comes from corn instead of rice and that is better??? The internet gives so many different opinions on it. I’m just not sure what to trust.

    When you asked the question if there was a difference between the different maltodextrins I was so happy. Finally, I would get my answer!

    But alas, the question was laughed out of the podcast, and I didn’t get my answer. 🙁

    Great podcast otherwise. I listen to every single one. Keep it up!

    PS: If someone has the answer about the different malto’s, I’m giving out virtual hugs.

    • David –

      I’m not very picky when it comes to my malto sources. I do one thing, check the ingredients list. If maltodextrin is the only ingredient then I’m in. However, if you have allergies make sure you know where your source is processed. Contamination with other products from the same factory can cause some issues…like gluten, nuts, etc…I believe Carbo Pro may have a very clean malto source…Carbo Gain (which I get off of Amazon) may not, hence the pricing difference. Maybe someone else can clarify. I hope this helps.

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