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Dominic Grossman and Katie DeSplinter have had the benefit of running in the lead pack for many years.  What you may not know about them is that when they are not racing, they are avid volunteers pacing or crewing others.  Dom and Katie record this podcast pre-Western States 100 – where Dominic paced Tim Olsen to his second win in the second hottest year.

We talk about strategies that can help you pace or crew AND how you, as a racer, can help your pacer and crew help you.

We mentioned this video of Tim Olsen

Here are a couple files that Katie mentioned she put together for her pacer and crew at Western States 100:

Pace Chart and Kcal

WS Crew stuff

Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool headlamps made for trail running at Petzl

Closing song: Bullet and Target by Citizen Cope

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  • Still in the middle of listening to your podcast, could you ask Katie to share her spreadsheet. Love to have an example seems like something I would love to emulate for my smaller milage maybe plaster it on the back of a drop bag.

    Thanks again for the great podcast it has kept me company on many a long run…

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