The Western States 100 Mile Experience

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Scott & Don

In the shadow of the 2013 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Scott, Faith and Don talk about the WS100 experience.  What’s all the hype?  Is it different than any other run?  We take on the experience of the volunteers, pacers, crew and runner.

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Closing song: “Gettin Hot In Here” by Nelly

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  • Loved this podcast! I love the instant change in the race when the runner goes from focusing on his aches/pains to hearing “Daddy?!?” and how all that disappears instantly. I’ve had the same happen when an “incident” happens on the trail (e.g. Injured Racer) and I go from runner to first responder instantly. I can’t even imagine to hear one’s own child on the trail in distress! Congrats on the hard earned finish!

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