Ian Torrence – Preparing for Winter…head to toe

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Ian Torrence has won 51 ultras and run over 170.  He coaches for McMillan Running.  Ian joins us to talk about what you need to do to prepare for cold weather running – starting from the head to the toes.  He recaps his successful inauguration of the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line Ultra, a 100-mile ultra or relay event.






Here is Ian’s earlier podcast:: How to Build a Bonkproof Body

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  • Sorry, but Faith lost a little credibility during this podcast by insisting she would run in winter wearing a Greek pastry (baklava) rather than a balaclava. Or perhaps, if properly warmed before the run, wearing baklava is a pearl of wisdom, a secret “tip of the trail.”

    • Oh, thanks for pointing that out Curt. For the last week or so I’ve been struggling with crumb-rash and greasy hair syndrome. I’ll try your balaclava suggestion – do you have a recipe?

    • I just listened today and kept screaming out, “Eric is CORRECT!” While baklava is indeed delicious (and would be a great treat after a run), it won’t do much to keep you warm (unless you put it on fresh out of the oven).

      Can’t believe you let Faith and Don give you such a hard time, Eric 🙂

  • I was listening to the famous Baklava podcast yesterday while running and as I passing some people with a dog I was screaming it IS a balaclava! I wondered if Faith eats so healthy she never heard of the delicious dessert.

  • Catching up on the podcast (stupid injury!) and I’m not surprised that Faith would rather run in the dark with greek pastries wrapped around her neck to keep warm! Funny stuff.

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