Monica Giuliani living La Dolce Vita in Italy

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  • To Monica;
    Thank you for such great information on trail running the Alps. Unfortunately most Americans have no clue what they are missing! As a Utah/Nevada trail runner, my first trip to the Alps was truly eye opening and I plan to return as much as possible (next for a 100 mile trek through Switzerland in July 2014).

    The trails I’ve ran or hiked in the Swiss and Italian Alps are some of the most wildly beautiful, steepest and glorious mountains I’ve ever been on yet these trails have a uniquely civilized feel with excellent trail markings & signage, plenty of mountain top restaurants and incredible village accommodations and language has never been a barrier whatsoever.

    I was interested to learn you live at the foot of Monte Rosa as it is my favorite peak followed by it’s more famous and some would say glamorous cousin the Matterhorn. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful corner of the world and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Best Regards,
    Rick Nielson
    Henderson, NV

  • Really enjoyed this podcast! I’ve lived in a few different countries, running in mountains and other places WELL before I ever heard about “trail running” as a sport. Certtainly never heard anything about ultras or knew so many other people enjoyed running trails like I do. These past few months have been a real eye opener for me.

    Based on my experience, I’d say a lot of Europeans are trekkers rather than runners. If I happened upon another person running a trail, it was usually someone much older than I (so inspiring) and ready to give encouragement.

    I have never run the big mountains except for say, the Tatras in Slovakia. Beautiful. Most were in places near my home or in places that had ladders and streems and rope walks. Exciting!

    And ya, not much worry about the need for water bottles; just be careful how much sausage or beer you might ingest at any one of the huts you might find along the way! If you do, some have rooms or sleeping gear to rent so you can sleep it off and start again.

    I now live in a very flat area, so I train and dream of the time I can find some mountains again. Pyrenees…

  • Can I use this awesome image of italian mountain for commercial purpose? I’d like to modify the picture a bit with some effect to print it on a label 🙂 Thanks you

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