Malcolm Law Goes One Step Beyond

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Amazing trail runner and author of the book One Step Beyond  Malcolm Law and his equally talented wife Sally Law sat down with us and discussed how a small gift in the form of a book became the spark for a dramatic change in life.  Malcolm spun on his heel, leaving the corporate world to become a trail  adventurer and a major fundraiser for Leukemia & Blood Foundation of New Zealand.

Malcolm Law set out to perform a world-first attempt to run New Zealand’s seven renowned ‘Great Walks’ in seven consecutive days.  It would take 3-5 days to “Walk” each of the sections so in trail runner fashion he decided he should run them.

Malcolm has set a new adventure and equally aggressive fund raising goal.  Running 50 Peaks in 50 days  combined with a fund raising goal well over 250K for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

You can find more about Malcolm on his website

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