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“There is no such thing as the One True Way to eat for maximum health.  No diet cult is better than the rest, and a person need not join any diet cult to attain maximum health. An agnostic approach to healthy eating that forbids nothing, smiles upon eating for pleasure, and encourages individual choice can do the job just as well or better”- Matt Fitzgerald, “Diet Cults”

Well known sports writer, nutritionist, athlete and trainer, Matt Fitzgerald joins the Nation to discuss how diet cults have taken over our culture, vilified many foods and lead us with fear to join their restrictive diets.

This is NOT another diet book, but rather a captivating book that invites us to objectively look at different diets and figure out, through scientific research, what is healthy eating.


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  • Hi,

    Pretty annoyed by this podcast. There’s plenty of reasons to choose a diet other than it’s good/bad for you, especially organic or vegan, which have strong ethical and environmental grounds. Do you really think most vegans believe their diet is the right one just because it benefits them? Such a conflation of all diets into “cults” rests on a misunderstanding no less fallacious than the cults criticized here. That’s really too bad. Partial information is inaccurate and misleading. Next time maybe you could try to investigate the actual reasons people go on a specific diet. Agreed, many diets are bullshit, useless, and sometimes harmful. But it does not follow that no diet has stronger assets than others.


  • GMOs are different from selective breeding– which was mentioned during the GMO vs. organic debate. Additionally, synthetic pesticides kill all insects (beneficial and non-beneficial) being a detriment on the farm ecosystem. Pesticides have harmful effects on hydrologic cycle (look at the eutrophication in the Gulf of Mexico), on human health (linked to cancer, autism, etc.), and is helping erode our soil (mainly an adverse affect of synthetic fertilizer). This debate in the podcast was not discussed at large nor was it backed up by scientific facts or studies– mere opinions (I talked to this farmer, from my experience, etc.. I’d appreciate more research and sensitivity around this argument as there are 914 million acres in farm production in the U.S.

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